Coffee's Best Mate

Coffee's Best Mate

Voy – Coffee’s Best Mate

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For those of you new to Voy, a brief introduction.  Voy is a single serve “SNAP” card filled with 20mg of active water-soluble CBD.  Voy is a pick-n-pull item packaged in a clean and simple retail counter display that looks great next to any register and can be added to any and all beverages.


Voy was designed specifically with coffee in mind.  This is because caffeine and CBD have a beautiful relationship when taken together.  As you are aware caffeine is the world's most popular effective nootropic, however it does have a downside: the dreaded jitters… Through clinical trials cannabinoids, like CBD, have shown many promising benefits, including powerful anti-anxiety properties. Without an FDA statement, we as a company cannot make any official claims that CBD will reduce the coffee jitters, but we can say that you should try it for yourself, and you just may see it enhances your coffee drinking experience.


Besides just being a great functional product, Voy jumps over important legal hurtles. The introduction of CBD into food and beverage is still the gray area in many states, especially if you are infusing beverages at the point of sale or behind the counter. Voy is purchased at the point of sale by the customer and is easily added into the beverage by the customer. This removes all liability issues for the business selling CBD as a food or beverage.


At our foundation, Voy was developed around providing wholesale to coffee shops and food distributors. We do this efficiently because we own the manufacturing process and facility. This allows us to offer our unique packaging and water-soluble CBD at an affordable rate for wholesale customers and the final consumers.

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