Voy – Legal Pathway to sell CBD Beverages at Point of Sale

Voy – Legal Pathway to sell CBD Beverages at Point of Sale

Voy was designed with three main principles in mind:

  1. An easy and convenient way for the consumer to delivery an accurate dose of CBD into their beverage.
  2. Complete solubility and enhanced bioavaiblility.
  3. A LEGAL pathway for CBD beverages to be sold anywhere!

The idea of developing a legal pathway to deliver cannabinoid beverages was not the cherry on top for Voy… it was the foundation.  Before Voy’s inception we noticed many of our favorite coffee shops, bars, restaurants, & smoothie shops selling CBD behind the counter.  We watched as the employees would reach for a dropper bottle of CBD oil and squirt an unknown amount of liquid into your beverage. Not only was this practice against federal and state laws, but as the consumer, you couldn't guarantee a consistent amount of CBD with every purchase.

Soon we noticed that our favorite spots abruptly discontinued their sale of CBD beverages. The state health department had come in and confiscated their CBD. After further digging we found this occurring in our neighboring states as well. CBD had become a money maker for these business in a time where small businesses were struggling to find ways to increase income.  We saw this as an opportunity and a challenge. Voy was born and we set out to create a product that would not only satisfy the state’s health department but also introduce the consumer to a truly water-soluble CBD. 

Voy’s legal pathway plan

  • Single unit dose packaging
    • This allows each dose to have the proper labeling guidelines that will satisfy the regulatory entities.
    • Each dose is accurately weighed out and 3rd party lab tested for concertation, microbiological containments, heavy metals, and solvents.
  • Pick-N-Pull Counter Display
    • Voy is designed to be purchased by the customer at the POS and then added in by the customer themselves. This immediately negates all liability of the business infusing CBD behind the counter.

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