Voy's Music SNAPS

Voy's Music SNAPS

Yes, we created Voy as an innovative way of infusing CBD into any and all beverages and yes, we created Voy because we believe in the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. We wanted to offer a more bioavailable way for the everyday user to consume them, and we did. Buuuuut we also did it to have fun, a lot of fun!

Currently I am in the office late on Thursday with my partner and co-founder Audra Caine and her sister Rachel.  Quick side note Rachel just got a new job today so shout out to her.  So in between having a celebratory beer with the girls I am writing this quick blog to share our playlist.  This playlist encompasses the vibe of the afternoon.  Enjoy!!

John Levesque

 Voy Snaps Spotify Playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3vRir6CFw8DBg0S2SMWD8Z?si=hHddmRDGQrWGD2rAHeN9ew



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