Snowstorm Alert: Don’t forget Voy before you Dig Out!

CBD hot chocolate

As New England prepares for the first significant snowstorm of 2022 and people are flooding the grocery stores for bread and milk, do not forget the CBD!  It is not secret that CBD (cannabidiol) is a fantastic anti-inflammatory, and that inflammation is the common key precursor to general pain and discomfort. 


I have been using CBD for my back discomfort for several years and its success was one of the major drivers for me to partner up with the amazing Audra Caine, Voy’s lovely CEO and start our company. My back never bothers me more than when I shovel out my driveway, my neighbors, aunts & uncles, and family friends… the shovel list seems to get longer each year.


Voy easily enhances your Hot Chocolate, or maybe Irish Coffee with CBD and makes shoveling go a little bit smoother without the back pain.

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